"Many of us in this Country today are just a couple of paychecks away from being Homeless."

J. Donald Oakes

The Stumps on Fire Foundation
PO Box 224
Suches, GA 30572

Mission Statement

Formed as an altruistic organization "The Stumps on Fire foundation" was a dream of the author of the book that inspired it's name. "The Stump's on Fire, and I'm Naked" J. Donald Oakes suffered much of the same neglect and poverty that is still prevalent in our society today. Especially now with our ailing economy.
It is the intention of this Foundation to provide basic comforts to those who cannot provide for themselves in this time of need.
As an American citizen, and a true believer in the American Dream, J. Donald Oakes believes that we are in a time of change. And, much of that change will be brought about by the administration that has been placed in power by our electoral process.
Our newly elected President Barack Obama has called on us all to do our part. Believing that this great man will assist us in this change, The Stump's on Fire foundation calls on all America to think outside the box and do all that is necessary to help those who need it most.
Through donations, fund drives, and fund raising events money will be raised to provide meager comforts of temporary shelter, clothing, warm blankets, and non-perishable foods to the lonely people of the streets.
The funds, food stuffs, and all materials will be given to inner city missions for distribution to the needy.

Find the Spring That Controls Your Universe.

J. Donald Oakes

Find The Spring That Controls Your Universe.
J. Donald Oakes

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